Parent Testimonials

"This is our Daughter's second year at Natural Bridges and we are very delighted with how she has grown. She is inspired, has become very responsible, and loves to read to me at night, often practicing her writing skills with words and letters. Danny and Kirsten offer a solid foundation for learning that aligns with a positive environment for children. Natural Bridges also has regular parent meetings where they pull from their 30 years of experience with child development to offer insights about what we can do to create a more positive and inspiring environment for our children at home. The child to teacher ratio is very low- 9 children to 1 teacher; nowhere else is this offered on the North Shore!"

Monique C / Parent


 “I cannot say enough great things about Natural Bridges and the solid foundation they provide for our young children.  Danny, Kirsten, and Nikki are extremely qualified, dedicated, patient, and loving. I cannot imagine better people to support us in raising our boisterous, strong-willed women. I honestly feel that they love and ‘see’ every child. They support and encourage each child’s unique self, allowing them to follow their curiosities, build confidence and independence, cultivate compassion, and learn from their mistakes to become lifelong learners and contributors to society. The indoor and outdoor environments are clean, inviting and radiate aloha. The children get plenty of time to run, play, and imagine, as well as ‘work’ with what they choose. (All materials from books and blocks to brooms and rakes are child size so they can feel successful in all they do.). The children are part of a community and each day is an opportunity for them to take care of themselves, each other, and the environment. I know deep down in my core that allowing our girls to attend this magical school is the BEST and most important thing we have done for them.  We will be forever grateful.”

KT R / Parent


"Honestly I can say that my children's time at Natural Bridges helped shape them into caring and inquisitive children who are open to experiencing the world. After graduating Natural Bridges they were more than equipped to handle the academics of elementary school and the social aspects of life. All of us, (even our children since they are now old enough to appreciate their preschool years), really see the experiences given to them at Natural Bridges as a beautiful "head start" for them. We are beyond lucky to have this amazing preschool on the North Shore of Kauai". 

Kelly P / Parent


"I am a mother of three and all of my children have attended Natural Bridges. My oldest is nine now and started Natural Bridges at of the age of four. After attending another local preschool/daycare, I transferred him to Natural Bridges and after the first few months, the difference was unmistakable and beyond my expectations of any preschool that I had seen or heard of before. The atmosphere is full of love and grounded in learning. The teachers have an amazing ability to understand each individual and approach them as such in their teaching methods. I think this is so incredibly important in the process of learning, especially at such a young age. I am so full of praise for the staff and atmosphere that they have created for our young children to be surrounded in."

Sativa R / Parent


"It has always been a challenge to find the perfect preschool for my kids because my Mom was a wonderful preschool teacher for 20+ years. While searching for the perfect fit for my four year-old son, my Mom told me to search for teachers who connected with my son immediately and made him feel welcome and comfortable rather than only talking with me and chit chatting about their curriculum. Natural Bridges was the third preschool that my son and I had visited. Danny and Kirsten immediately gravitated toward my son and made him feel not only comfortable and welcome, but also curious and talkative. They showed him the shovels in the yard and the garden, which made his eyes spark. I knew right away that this was the school for him. I enrolled him with full confidence. Since attending Natural Bridges, my son has developed a lovely teacher-student relationship with Danny, Kirsten and Nikki. He always feels comfortable yelling, “Hello” across the school yard when he arrives to school and he thoroughly enjoys a good joke with Danny pretty much every morning when he gets dropped off.  I am so impressed with Danny, Kirsten and Nikki’s ability to communicate with all the kids. They acknowledge their feelings, offer choices, and encourage the kids as they are learning and growing. They offer beautiful and specific praises such as , “You really have been helpful when you see Ella needs help, you have been helping her.” I can’t describe how much my son’s confidence has blossomed in this school environment. 

At Natural Bridges, my son has learned to sew, to rake, to paint, to garden, to cook, to wash dishes, to fold laundry, to sing songs, to care for others, to clean up after himself, to communicate his feelings and ideas and the list goes on. I feel the skills my son are learning are extremely valuable for his foundation in life.  One reason why I know this is because one day, when I was in the dentist office, an older man was talking to us and asked my son what school he attends. My son replied, “ I go to Natural Bridges!”  The man said, “That is where my son went to preschool!”  The man told me that he can’t express how valuable the foundation was that his son received from Danny and Kirsten. He said his son is excelling in high school and he owes it all to them. He told me that Danny and Kirsten are still his son’s favorite teachers. After attending Natural Bridges for two years of preschool, I can imagine I will be saying the exact same thing when my son is in high school and excelling. I am extremely grateful for Natural Bridges and its meaningful impact on my son’s life." 

Emily H / Parent


"As the mother of an only child preparing to start preschool, it was very important to me to see every option available to us on the north shore of Kauai. I visited Natural Bridges after seeing all but one other option and was almost positive that this school was the school for our daughter. During my first tour, I was inspired by the interaction between all the students. They were self-aware, respectful, independent and sincere. After finishing touring the rest of our options, I returned to Natural Bridges with my child and knew immediately that she belonged here. Danny, Kirstin, and their staff do a remarkable job with the children. They are patient, yet precise in their routines and within 2 weeks of my child attending full-time, she blossomed! Her speech took off and everyday she was saying new words and becoming more and more verbal. It has now been 6 months since she started at Natural Bridges and I am so happy that we chose this preschool. I can't imagine her going anywhere else and the sense of community with the families is so strong. It has truly become our second Ohana. Thank you Natural Bridges! "

Joy R / Parent


"Our three children attended four different preschools. Nothing matches the loving, thoughtfully crafted, intentional environment of natural bridges. Danny and Kirsten are gifted educators who bring care, dedication, humor and amazing skill to teaching literacy, interpersonal skills, independence and wonderment to young keiki. Our ohana is forever grateful for the foundation they set for our children and for us as parents."

Mehana and Kilipaki V / Parents

"With both of our children combined, we have sampled four preschools on the island of Kauai. Nothing compares to Natural Bridges. From their loving, kind, patient nature, to their attention to detail in their presentation of the school, (tiny, kid sized vases full of hand picked flowers on every table!), to their ability to respond and not react to our every children's needs, to knowing in our guts and bones that our child is not only safe, but educated and nurtured from the inside out, to empowering our kids to be independent, inquisitive, self-made learners...we could go on! We are so grateful that a school like this exists here on island that we make the drive every day from Kapa'a to Kilauea with no qualms!"

Mike and Rachel P / Parents