Objectives of the Program for the Child

To create an environment for optimum success and joyful growth of each child, we provide:

  • The guidance of enthusiastic teachers.
  • A community where children are grouped in three year age spans, much like the world itself, where individuals of differing ages and abilities work together and learn from each other.
  • A stable, secure, loving, setting with constructive guidelines and order.
  • A clean, beautiful home-like environment scaled to the child's size, which offers a place for the child to experience authentic life experiences.
  • Access to Montessori materials and other developmentally appropriate activities which are designed to be handled by the child, allowing for active participation and an ability to work independently.

These conditions allow the children to be prepared intellectually, physically, emotionally, socially and spirtually for their future. This environment nourishes, respects, and responds to the innate potential of each individual child. These objectives foster the ability to acquire self-discipline and form a positive self-image, qualities which are the essence of a fully developed child. 

Activities include:

Gardening, Hawaiiana, Ethnobotany, Engineering, Music, Science, and Expression.

For the Parent:

The parents have a significant and integral role in our program. It is the staff's duty to support parents in fulfilling their great responsibility. 

The teaching staff is always in close contact with all parents. Parents are informed regularly of their child's progression and what they can do to encourage their child's development.  

Parents are encouraged to observe in the classroom, attend individual meetings, attend group meetings, and assist at home.

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"Our three children attended four different preschools. Nothing matches the loving, thoughtfully crafted, intentional environment of Natural Bridges. Danny and Kirsten are gifted educators who bring care, dedication, humor and amazing skill to teaching literacy, interpersonal skills, independence and wonderment to young keiki. Our Ohana are forever grateful for the foundation they set for our children and for us as parents. "

— Mehana & Kilipaki V, Parents