Our Teachers

Danny Crain

Originally from Texas, Danny initially got into childcare in 1978 working as an assistant in a toddler (18 month-3 years) and then a Primary (3-6 years)classroom.  Through his experience in the Montessori classroom he was drawn to pursue the training, completing primary AMI training in 1982.

He taught in a Montessori Primary classroom of 35 children for 5 years.  Through this positive experience he decided to start his own Montessori School in Houston Texas.  He was the founder, director and teacher of the Sheridan School for 8 years.  Prior to closing the Sheridan School he received an honor from the Texas Black Caucus for his work with children.  He also received an honorary “Danny Crain” day from the city of Houston.  Danny then moved to Austin to teach at a Montessori School for two years.

In 1999, Danny moved to Kauai where he taught tennis at Hanalei Bay Resort for three years.  After marrying Kirsten in 2001, they started searching for a location to start a Montessori School on Kauai. In 2003, they took over as directors and teachers of Seacliff Na’Opio and in 2004 the school officially became Natural Bridges.


Kirsten Crain

Kirsten comes from a family of educators in Texas; she has cared for young children since the early age of nine as a babysitter.  She didn’t really think a career as teacher would be her path, but after an internship in a special needs class during high school and a job working in a child care center during college in 1986, she found that she was in fact passionate about working with children.  

This realization prompted Kirsten to get an elementary education certification in Texas for grades 1-6.  Encouraged by a college advisor to look into alternative education methods and being exposed to Montessori education by an Aunt and Uncle, she ended up taking a job in 1990 assisting in a Montessori Classroom.  This position lead Kirsten to employment with an afterschool program that one of her young cousins attended.  It was then that she pursued her Montessori AMI primary training.  After completing the training in 1991, she lead a primary (2 ½ - 6 years) classroom until 2000 when she moved to Kauai.  

Kirsten and Danny have successfully provided an early childhood education for many children on the North Shore of Kauai since Natural Bridges opened in August 2004.